Caring for your Bowtie

Follow these guidelines to keeping your tie look good for a long time.

A high-quality bow tie is an investment into your wardrobe, so attention to care is important. Our bow ties are made of fine silks. They’re worth it. 

Untie your tie just as carefully as you tied it on, then hang it on your tie rack or drape it around the collar of a jacket so gravity can help smooth out the wrinkles.

For stubborn wrinkles, use steam. If you don’t have a steam iron, hang it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. If you do use an iron, hold it at a distance from the tie so that the steam does all the work but the iron never touches your tie

To avoid wrinkles or creases when traveling, roll you ties to pack them and unroll to hang them promptly upon arrival.

If you get something on your tie, try not to rub or scrub the fabric. Use a clean cloth and seltzer water to blot up stains caused by water-soluble spots; try talcum powder to pull up those that are oily. Fine silk threads are fragile and should be handled gently. 

A commercial spot remover may remove stubborn stains, but be sure to test the back of the tie first to see how the silk responds. If all else fails, you can take your ties to a dry cleaner, but only as a last resort as the chemicals and cleaning process may damage or destroy the silk.